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January 15th, 2013 cpobri16

Hola from New Jersey all! Break has been such a great time here at home. I’ve really missed my twin brother, Joe, being able to look at NYC, and most of my friends from other schools. But as fantastic as this has been, I’m just about ready to get back on the academic grind. I’m here getting ready to get back up on the Hill for next week. I can’t even believe that it’s the second semester already. It seems like I just met everyone and slept in the dorms for the first time last week.

After having plenty of time over break to catch up on sleep, meet up with friends from home, and get ready for new classes, I am beyond ready and excited to get back. It’s weird….I constantly find myself saying that I’m going “home” next week (Sorry, Mom and Dad). But Holy Cross and Worcester itself really have become my home in one semester. I can’t wait for all of the challenges, classes, new friends, and experiences that I’m bound to have over the next few months. By the way, guys, one of my classes is The History of Rock, I’ll make sure I let you all know how great that ends up being.

Well, next time you’ll be hearing from me I’ll be back in Worcester…where I belong. Deuces

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