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A Crazy Few Weeks

November 7th, 2012 cpobri16

Midterms, Speakers, Hurricane Sandy, and the Presidential election. Needless to say it’s been a pretty turbulent couple of weeks up here on the Hill, and things are finally slowing down!

First of all, I hope that whoever is reading this is hasn’t suffered much from the affects of Hurricane Sandy. Being from New Jersey, it’s extremely difficult not being able to be home and help out the local communities with storm relief, but everything seems to be progressing as well as it can. However, campus rejoiced when word got out that we had two full days off! This just meant time for rest and relaxation, the three favorite words of any college student.

Besides that, last night was the election (finally). It was really awesome getting to vote for the first time, and the energy on campus was infectious. In my dorm hall alone, dozens of people were glued to CNN and ABC, anxiously awaiting the results. When word got out that Obama was staying, there were some mixed reactions. From celebrations to the tune of “My President is Black” to looks of dejection, it was obvious which side everyone was really on.

Well, we’re in the final stretch before Thanksgiving Break! Can’t believe time is moving so fast. Updates to come. Deuces all.

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